Piano Hinges – Various Sizes and Material Types


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Piano Hinges – Various Sizes and Material Types

The below are standard stock items.  Other sizes are available on request. 


Product Code Material Length Open Width Thickness
07-20-00 Mild Steel Galvanised  2450mm 50mm 1.6mm
07-20-00 Mild Steel 2450mm 50mm 1.6mm
07-21-00 Mild Steel Galvanised  1850mm 50mm 1.6mm
07-22-00 Mild Steel Galvanised  1850mm  100mm 2mm
07-29-00 Stainless Steel 2000mm 70mm 2mm
07-30-00 Stainless Steel 2000mm 50mm 1.6mm
07-31-00 Stainless Steel 1200mm 70mm 2mm
07-33-00 Stainless Steel 1850mm 50mm 1.6mm
07-34-00 Stainless Steel 1850mm 70mm 2mm
07-35-00 Stainless Steel 675mm 70mm 2mm
07-36-00 Stainless Steel 1860mm 50mm 1.5mm